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Tips to Get a Girlfriend – Some Basic Info

When you try to search for tips online you are sure to see thousands of tips to get a girlfriend. Countless dating sites offer you a step by step solution on how you attain this goal. The only difference with this material is that we will go beyond the tips to get a girlfriend and show you more. When I say more, we shall go deeper and understand why a man wants to learn how to get a girlfriend and what must be done to achieve the goal faster and in a more efficient manner.

In order to get your answers in life, you must first ask the right questions. The right questions involve those that give you clarity regarding your goals. The first thing to ask is why do you need a girlfriend? What are your beliefs about attaining one? Do you feel lonely and incomplete and think that a woman can give you the boost that you need to continue? Is it that you are already self accomplished and you just want someone to share your achievements with? Or you just want one because your friends have one and it seems like a cool thing to be in?

Remember that for every decision there is a consequence, in every risk there is a chance for reward and in every goal there must be something you are willing to give in order to get something back. If you just need a girlfriend to fulfill your bodily desires, then you are on the wrong track, because even if you do get that girlfriend you will still feel empty at the end of the day. Yes, you can use confidence and wealth and get all the girlfriends that you need. It is easy to teach one to flirt and do tricks so that they can attract women, but that is only a narrow path and it does not give the full understanding of meaningful relationships and successful ones.

You get to learn how to get a girlfriend once you start being clear on what you want to happen in your life, and you need to apply the tips on how to get a girlfriend only if you really understand why you want one.

Envision the woman that you like to be with, the qualities that you want her to have and the way you want it to mean for you. After that, things become clear and you start being able to decide on how to move forward. Tips to get a girlfriend can surely help you get there.

Stop Slicing The Golf Ball! 5 Tips To Fix A Slice

Do you have issues in your golf swing and are frustrated with trying to fix a slice? Well, in this article I’m going to give you 5 slice tips that will get you to stop slicing so the next time you get on the course you can start hitting longer, straighter more accurate shots and in return improve your overall scores!

Tip # 1 – Check For Proper Grip

Before you can make the proper golf swing you first, must have the proper grip on the club. There are three main grips a golfer can use. The baseball grip, interlocking grip and the overlapping grip. If you are having trouble being able to stop slicing a golf ball try one of these different grips.

The baseball grip is for a player that is looking to get through the golf ball at impact much quicker. In the case of the slice a lot of the times the main issue is because the player is not getting through the ball properly at impact. So if you’ve never used the baseball grip give it a try. Simply grip the golf club like you would a baseball bat with the knuckles on the left and right hand lined up in a straight line. This could be the simple fix your looking for to fix a slice!

Tip # 2 – Check Your Set Up Position

The second thing you must focus on when trying to fix a slice is to look at your set up position. When you set up to the golf ball make sure that you are lined up to your target. How do you do this? Simple take the club and simply hold it across your shoulders with the butt of the club facing your target. If the butt of the club is facing to far to the left you can make a small adjustment in your stance and be able to get aligned just right. One of the main reasons a golfer can’t stop slicing the golf ball is because they are to open at their initial set up.

Tip # 3 – Make Sure You Get A Good Hip Turn

Tip number 3 to help you fix a slice is to make sure you are getting a good hip turn through out the golf swing. When you take the golf club back focus on making a complete turn with the hips. When you start the downswing try and rotate your hips through the golf ball. If you can get a good hip turn through out the swing it will allow you to get through the ball at impact keeping the club face from being open.

A good way to accomplish this is to think of finishing high with the golf club after making impact with the golf ball. By training your body to finish high, which causes the hips to turn completely will help alleviate the rights on your shots getting you closer to stop slicing the golf ball.

Tip # 4 – Keep Your Swing Smooth

The fourth key to fix a slice in your golf swing is to try not to get to quick through out the swing. What does this mean? Well one of the biggest reasons a golfer can’t correct a slice is because everything they do is way to quick. From the first move on the back swing to over swinging on the down swing. In order to have a good swing you must be smooth and relaxed through out.

A good way to work on this is at the driving range before you start a round. Try and allow yourself sometime before you play and hit about 20 golf balls with just your wedge and work on taking the club back slow and swing through the golf ball smoothly. Picture in your head one of your favorite golfers. When I do this drill I try and think of guys like Fred Couples or Ernie Els. If you have ever watched their swings they look like they hardly even make an effort to hit the golf ball. That is because they are in good rhythm and have great timing when the club hits the ball.

So the moral is work on being smooth and your timing will follow!

Tip # 5 – Keep Your Head Still

Last but not least one of the main reason you could be having trouble learning how to fix a slice is because your head is moving all over the place during your swing. I know you’ve probably heard this a thousand times but it’s true. If you can’t see the club hit the ball you will always struggle with hitting it. If your head is moving during the swing there is a good chance that your head could be flying out to quickly causing your body and shoulders to be opening up to quickly. If this is the case the club face at impact will be open and you can’t do anything but hit a golfing slice.

So bottom line is make sure that when you start your swing you focus on the back of the ball and after the swing keep your head still and try and watch the club face make impact with that spot on the ball you are focusing on. You will be amazed at how this will improve your swing and allow you to stop slicing a golf ball.

In closing:

In order to stop slicing a golf ball and fix a slice in your swing focus on the 5 slice tips above:

1) Proper Grip
2) Proper Setup
3) Good Hip Turn
4) Smooth & Relaxed Swing
5) Keep Your Head Still Through Out The Swing

If you can stay focused on these 5 simple to follow slice tips you will fix a slice and finally start hitting longer, straighter more accurate shots and in return improve your overall scores!