How to Get Ready For Marine Boot Camp – Form a Single Line Recruits to Get Your Questions Answered

Many freshly in-listed recruits lose lots of sleep because they have no idea what to expect at USMC boot camp. I will answer a few questions that your average recruit may have regarding how to get ready for marine boot camp.

Why is “eyeballing” frowned upon at boot camp? Why can’t we just look around as long as we are staying in one place?

First of all, you must be freshly out of USMC training. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to look around while at attention. This is all part of the discipline for boot camp. For instance, when someone is out of step during a march or when performing drill on the parade square, it may cause others to march out of sync. You all have to work as a single unit and you must remain focused at all times.

Can a Family Member Have Access to My Pay While I Am Away at Boot Camp?

You can provide access for someone to your pay while you are away for Marine Corps training. Your best bet is to set-up a joint account with your loved one before you even step foot on the bus to your training. When you are asked for your banking information, just hand over a voided check. A voided check will provide the administration at Parris Island with the correct routing code to make the deposit work perfectly for you. If you have a joint account, your loved one will have instant access to your pay.