Top 5 Scottish Wedding Destinations

When it comes to planning your Scottish wedding, one of the most important details can be the destination. Scotland has an amazing selection of locations to choose from, each with their own unique and special character. This article will look at 5 top Scottish wedding destinations to help you choose the perfect location for your big day.

First up is Scotland’s most Iconic city, Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a wonderful city, rich in culture, history and beautiful scenery. Edinburgh is a prime choice of location for weddings, as the city has a lot to offer in the way of catering, hospitality and a fantastic selection of wedding venues. Be sure to book early though, as Edinburgh is an extremely popular destination and can be fully booked months in advance.

For those after something a bit quieter, then the tranquil countryside of Aberdeenshire is the perfect destination. Royal Deeside is an extremely popular part of Aberdeenshire that attracts a large volume of weddings every year. This is an area popular with our own Royal Family, and delivers some of the country’s most breath taking scenery. In the summer, Royal Deeside often has some of the highest recorded temperatures in the whole of the UK, making it ideal for those planning a summer wedding.

Next up is one for all the romantics out there, the island of Iona. Just of the west coast of Scotland, the small island of Iona is a spectacularly beautiful destination. Located on the island is Iona Abbey, which is the best preserved building from the Middle Ages. Iona is drenched in history and picturesque landscapes, making it the ideal destination for a one in a life time wedding day.

For those looking for something more cosmopolitan, then Glasgow is sure to deliver. Whilst Edinburgh may have the historic architecture and scenery, Glasgow certainly offers more in the way of contemporary design and excitement. Glasgow is a thriving city, which is more than capable of supplying the services needed to throw an extravagant wedding.

Finally it wouldn’t be a guide of Scottish destinations without mentioning the Scottish Highlands. Vast open country side, magnificent mountain lines, winding rivers and crystal clear mountain springs. The Highlands really are the true image of Scotland. There are many rural villages scattered across the highlands that would be perfect for a quiet and small scale wedding celebration. Or if you are planning a summer wedding, why not plan an outdoor wedding and really take advantage of the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Planning a wedding can be fun, exciting and stressful all at once. When planning a wedding in Scotland it is advisable to take into account the popularity of this wonderful country. Booking wedding venues and catering companies can sometimes mean having to joining waiting lists or re-thinking your wedding date completely. If you can book well in advance, you are more likely to avoid disappointment. When choosing your weddings location, take into account your guests, some places may sound perfect, but in reality may cause problems when trying to accommodate everyone.